Two Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade call-outs in less than two hours

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Crews from the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade were called into action twice within a two-hour period on Friday evening.

At 6.55pm, UK Coastguard paged the brigade with a request to man the Richardson Road helicopter landing site, where the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter from Humberside Airport was landing with a male casualty from the Seahouses area who had suffered head and pelvis injuries.

The helicopter landed at 7.45pm and the man was transferred to an ambulance which took him to the RVI for further assessment and treatment.

Then at 8.27pm, as brigade members made their way back to the coast following the previous incident, UK Coastguard requested them to proceed to the River Tyne, near to the Sir James Knott Memorial Flats, where a 999 call had been made reporting a 10ft object floating in the river.

Once on scene, brigade members located an unmanned dinghy. The location and description of the dinghy was passed to the Coastguard and Port of Tyne and it was decided that it was not in a dangerous place and could be left. The brigade was stood down and returned to station.