Tynemouth mum launches ethical dog beer

Dogs from around the north east are invited to try a new innovative dog beer at a launch event this weekend.

Woof Dog Beer is the brainchild of Gabrielle Imerson, a Tynemouth mum who has taken a drastic change in career direction spurred on by the health of her son.

Having run a successful branding company for over 15 years, Gabby is now brewing Woof, a dog beer with a difference to the other chemically based gimmicks currently available.

Gabby said: “My husband, Ewan McCann, owns Three Kings Brewery in North Shields, and having watched the brewing process many times, I often wondered if there was something I could do with the waste product from his brews.

“With dogs at home, I had tried the dog beers currently available but they are just chemically enhanced drinks with no health benefits.

“The last four years have been a struggle for us all trying to maintain a positive work life balance around the needs of Finn, something had to give. Owing to the complexities of his condition, Finn doesn’t fit the criteria for a standard Autistic diagnosis so he needs a lot of my time.

“Six months ago I started working on developing Woof, a nutritious drink for dogs, made with bone stock and the left over malt from the brewery. It’s great to finally be able to run a business, which works around Finn.”

Woof has now been given the stamp by the Food Standards agency, has been commended by Defra due to the environmental circular chain Gabby has created with Three Kings Brewery and the local farmer.

Gabby added: “The beef bones we use for stock are from cows fed on the waste mash from my husband’s brewery. Scientec, the UK’s largest pet food lab, is also delighted with the product, giving it a thumbs up so it can now be officially launched at The Pet Stop in the Land of Green Ginger in Tynemouth.

“Woof is getting the seal of approval from the standards agencies that matter, as the product is made from organic ingredients and is full of goodness for dogs. The malted barley is good for their bones and the bone broth is good for eyes, coat and digestion. The final product is alcohol and hop free.”

Dogs and their owners are invited to the launch at The Pet Stop in the Land of Green Ginger in Tynemouth, on Saturday, October 3, at 10.30am.

More information on Woof is available at https://www.facebook.com/woofdogbeer