Tynemouth women joint top in Explore Rowing Sunday League

Tynemouth Rowing Club's women's crew maintained joint top spot in the Explore Rowing Sunday League.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 9:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 9:06 am

The Gulls recorded two victories in the sweep rowing races at Hexham, defeat by only a ‘bow ball’ and a strong finish from both the Durham RC women’s teams prevented another clean sweep.

The crew alternated between Kerry Jordan, Monica Buckland, Allison Hepburn, Catherine Molyneux and Jen Remnant with Tom Shakleton coxing.

Shakleton was kept busy also coxing the Tynemouth men’s crew, the Buoys, who in their first outing this season put up a fine challenge against the more experienced and seasoned sweep rowing crews.

Winning one of their four races and a couple of tight finishes, The Buoys were crewed by Chris McGuire, Paul McCalvey, Steve Dunn and Lee Robinson.

Next month’s Explore Rowing Sunday League will be held at Tees Rowing Club on May 1 in a challenging sculling crew’s skill test.

Tynemouth Rowing Club welcomes new members of all abilities and details can be found at www.tynemouthrowingclub.org.uk