Ugh-gly creatures of the deep go on display

VISITORS to an aquarium are being given the chance to go face to face with some of the marine world’s ‘grossest’ inhabitants.

Tynemouth’s Blue Reef Aquarium is marking the half term holidays with ‘Ugh! Week’.

Visitors will be able to find out more about the smelliest, squidgiest and slimiest marine animals and discover why their disgusting habits are essential for surviving in the depths.

Blue Reef’s Anna Pellegrino said: “Youngsters always seem to have a strange fascination for the more unpleasant aspects of the underwater world.

“So with this in mind we’ve decided to once again dedicate the entire half term holiday period to a selection of critters that are guaranteed to make you go ugh!

“In addition to all the hands-on activities and workshops we’ve also put together a trail through the aquarium highlighting our most hideous residents and their awful attributes.

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