UKIP calls for scrapping of Tunnel charges

UKIP campaigners are calling for tolls to be scrapped on some roads in the country.

The party’s ‘Scrap the Tolls’ campaign will be targeting the Tyne Tunnel today (Tuesday) to get their message over to motorists and supporters.

They will be out with banners and placards to show their support for the removal of tolls and their sympathy with long-suffering motorists “who have for too long been treated as a cash cows by successive governments”.

UKIP ‘Scrap the Tolls’ campaign was launched by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in 2002, and this year’s protest will be the largest to date, with protestors and activists targeting five key areas, including the Tyne Tunnel.

The action morning at the Tyne Tunnel in support of the protest will run between 7.30am and 10am on Tuesday on the bridge at the west side of the A185 south of the tunnel, NE32 3BN.

A spokesperson said: “Our opposition to road tolling is longstanding, and our campaign gets larger every year. Road tolls are bad for the environment, bad for traffic congestion and bad for motorists’ wallets.

“They represent nothing more than a stealth tax on motorists who already pay road tax to use the public road network in the UK.”