Undergrowth rubbish is filthy and squalid

HAS anyone from Morrisons supermarket or North Tyneside Council ever taken the walk leading from the supermarket into Marden Road South, Whitley Bay?

Or from the Metro arriving or departing Whitley Bay?

Have they cast their eyes into the undergrowth?

Somehow I doubt it.

What an introduction to Whitley Bay it is – the embankment – for want of a better word – alongside the Metro line is filthy, squalid and covered with copious amounts of litter including dozens upon dozens of plastic carrier bags from the aforementioned supermarket.

I walk this route daily and some of the blame must lie with schoolchildren who use this route and fling the remains of their breakfasts over the barrier to join the other debris lying around.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I only see the breakfast shift, but is it more than obvious that lunchtime and teatime must also produce vast amounts of litter.

Isn’t it about time it was tidied up while the grass is short and the bushes and trees bare of leaves?

Whether it be the council which takes on the challenge, the supermarket shows it is environmentally aware of the issues directly adjacent to their site or the schoolchildren learn how to take their litter home or dispose of it responsibly.

It is most definitely the most disgusting entrance to any town I have ever seen.