Unruly youths and parents get warnings

The police and North Tyneside Council are working together to tackle anti-social behaviour around the Chirton and Preston Grange estates.

The North Shields neighburhood policing team has already given a number of youths in the area acceptable behaviour agreements.

And letters have been sent to the parents of youths who have been spoken to by police for causing problems, asking for their support in addressing the matter.

Partnership working with the council has also seen five anti-social behaviour injunctions given to offenders, excluding them from the area.

Four council residents have been served with notices informing them that the local authority may seek possession of their homes.

Sergeant Guy Morgan said: “We take all matters of anti-social behaviour very seriously and have already been working in the area to crackdown on offending.

“We want to share this good work with residents to reassure them we are listening to concerns and taking action.

“We can educate offenders about their actions and how it affects the community.

“This should also serve as a warning that we are watching and are taking action.”