Urgent action needed on climate change

ON a recent Sunday afternoon when many people would have been indoors complaining of the weather, I shared a beautiful walk with my companion along the dunes.

Our minds were free of immediate worries and together we enjoyed the soft rain in our faces, the air perfumed with scent of thistle and clover, the sight of rich green grass and of the bright wild flowers sparkling with raindrops.

Along the way we met a cheerful party of fundraisers sharing their love and concern in a practical way for a neighbour affected by cerebral palsy.

All this, to refugees in East Africa forced by drought from their cherished farms and nursing starving children, would have seemed like a walk in paradise gardens with the Angel Khidr.

How grateful we should therefore be that we live in a part of the world which is still so fruitful and how eager we should be to press our leaders for urgent action on climate change which already is creating disaster for so many people worldwide.


Percy Road

Whitley Bay