Urgent action required to help the vulnerable in our society

THE recent price rises announced by major energy suppliers are once again a major cause for concern.

Coupled with an increase in food prices, these mounting pressures are going to have an enormous impact, especially for the poorest amongst us.

As a national charity which helps people in financial need, we recognise the reality of this situation, with 60 per cent of the people we have helped saying that before they came to the charity, they had not been able to keep up with bill payments, and over half saying they had been forced to miss one of their recommended three meals a day.

In today’s modern, affluent society, people should simply never be in a position where they are forced to choose between whether they ‘heat or eat’.

No doubt this coming winter we will hear more stories of people struggling with their rising fuel bills.

With 3.3 million households in the UK still living in fuel poverty, we urge action by all stakeholders to prevent further price rises and ensure further provision is made for the most vulnerable.


Head of Policy & Research

Elizabeth Finn Care

200 Shepherds Bush Road


W6 7NL