Vets practice gets new scanner

Head veterinarian Jonathan Deacon.
Head veterinarian Jonathan Deacon.

A veterinary practice in Backworth has become only the second in the region to house its very own CT scanner.

Moorview Veterinary Practice on Station Road, has taken the rarely precedented step of installing the system on site.

Head veterinarian Jonathan Deacon said: “It takes two-dimensional slice images and reconstructs them into three dimensions, so that you can look at the architecture of organs and look within bones, rather than just getting a flat picture.”

The scanner is the most technically advanced available in the North East to date, being the only 16-slice machine to operate seven days a week in the area. Under the previous system, concerned owners would have to wait up to a month before their pets were checked out using the mobile CT scanner.

Appointments can be booked by calling 0191 256 6990.