Village needs some positive input to retain its vibrancy

I AM writing to you about the new parking restrictions in Tynemouth Village.

As elderly residents, my husband and I appreciate how much easier it is for us to cross Front Street without the aggressive driving and parking there used to be.

But there is a very real downside to the new arrangement.

The village shops are being starved of customers and to a great extent I put this down to the signage.

Visitors seem to be taking the view that Tynemouth has been closed down.

However, Monday to Friday in an ordinary week, there are sometimes as few as eight to ten cars parked in Hotspur Street, and the side streets on the TM2 signage are in a similar situation.

There is parking available Monday to Friday in an ordinary week, but it would seem that visitors are perceiving an overall ban.

Could the signage notices be made clearer somehow?

Could there be some publicity for the easier parking on weekdays?

Visitors from near and far appear to see only the parking ban and not that parking is still available throughout the week.

Hopefully the position could be made clearer so that all of those wanting to come to the village on weekdays know that they are welcome and can still enjoy the beach, shops and coffee houses without the fear of traffic wardens.

I appreciate that this scheme is in its infancy, and maybe the council is already ‘on the case’.

However, there does need to be some positive input to help the village economy moving and to maintain the vibrancy of Tynemouth.