Village parking problem not an easy one to solve

AS a follow on to the letter from Jill Snailham (News Guardian, August 4) regarding the new parking arrangements in Tynemouth Front Street, I am a little confused by what seem to be some contradictory comments, but I accept this may be just my way of reading them.

If some traders do not want any parking in front of their properties then that is fine, but then don’t wonder where all the shoppers have gone if there aren’t any.

If there was a complete ban on parking in Front Street and signage pointed shoppers and visitors alike down to Priors Haven, then I would suggest that there will be even less daytime ‘footfall’.

The great general car driving public seem to be unwilling to walk even a few yards to shop, so a steep uphill walk would be the death knell for the village shops, me thinks.

This is emphasised by the continued parking in loading bays, taxi ranks and on the double yellow lines outside the car spares shop and The Land of Green Ginger etc making it difficult and sometimes dangerous for pedestrians to cross.

This even when there are official bays empty.

No doubt some of these are the self same folk who, during term time, park dangerously immediately outside the junior school blocking other cars, road junctions and so on, even though they live within a few hundred yards of the place. (exit Victor Meldrew mode)

As a resident I think the new scheme, on balance, is better than the old and the tariff system is spot on.

1p a minute – focuses the mind very effectively.

Do the necessary, then move on. And the cost is far from being cripplingly prohibitive as in some towns.

I’d be interested to see what number of people come shopping from Durham (etc) to Tynemouth. Seems an awful long way to travel to buy something that can probably be obtained from a few other places en route more than likely at a saving on cost too.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Tynemouth is a fine place and would travel many miles to enjoy it, but for things other than its shopping.

The new scheme I feel tackles the problem that would occur for the shops if long term free parking was allowed on Front Street.

I think it would more than likely be taken up with day-trippers who would use it for their visit to the beaches etc and no shoppers would get a look in.

Where then would they park, in the loading bays, on the double yellow lines to a greater degree than at present, in side streets in ‘permit’ areas? The problem just gets moved on.

Pedestrianising Front Street would be good – for the bars and the taxi firms but not for the shops and, given the impact of increased nuisance parking, certainly not for the surrounding streets. It is not an easy one to solve.

By the way, cracking VW rally.