Vote Leave sets out its campaign

Brought to you by the News Guardian.
Brought to you by the News Guardian.

Campaigners calling on the country to leave the European Union say it would free up more money to be spent on UK priorities.

Those supporting Vote Leave say there are a number of factors that voters should consider ahead of the referendum on June 23.

Gary Legg, of Vote Leave, said: “The choice facing voters is simple. A vote to remain will not maintain the status quo.

“The EU budget has been delayed for the first time ever until after June 23 and most expect our contributions to go up.

“The remain side tell us we should stay in the EU to protect jobs and workers’ rights, French and Greek workers wouldn’t agree.

“The fact is that we have lost thousands of jobs because of unworkable EU legislation.

“We are missing out on a £2bn fishing industry that has been decimated by the Common Fisheries Policy which favours Spanish and French trawlers.

“The UK has a proud tradition of leading the world on workers’ rights; we do not need the EU for this.

“Voting to leave the EU allows us to beef up our borders to improve security, spend our membership fee on the UK’s priorities and as the fifth biggest economy to set our own destiny and trade with the entire world.

“We will continue to have our say through our membership at the real top tables.”