Waiting decades for Dome work

The mayor of North Tyneside was quick to step forward and take the plaudits following the award of £2m towards the refurbishment of the Spanish City Dome, saying this was another step to revitalising this landmark building.

It can only be concluded that this step is part of a very long journey indeed, given its already lasted over a decade with no end yet in sight.

This new award is not much more than it cost to re-pave the area adjacent to the Dome last year.

It should be remembered that the outrageous cost of this paving work was justified by councillors who claimed the area was not a re-paved area at all, it was in fact a ‘piazza’.

So, given the track record of the council to date, far from expecting any tangible evidence of structural improvement following this latest award, local residents may just see this money spent on another plastic model of the Dome displayed for yet another consultation with the rest of the money given to the preferred consultants for yet another feasibility study.

Anyone walking past the Dome recently will have seen the hoarding had blown down following the strong winds of three weeks ago.

This hoarding is being left to rot where it lies.

Tree-like vegetation grows from within the fabric of the building. The paintwork of the façade is in decay and the Dome itself has been covered in green algae since last summer.

Presumably councillors can make no link between this state of dereliction and the total lack of interest by any prospective developer.

These same councillors must also have thought that the towering edifice of coastal decline, namely the derelict building formerly known as the Avenue pub, escapes the attention of those same prospective developers.

Conservative and Labour Party councils alike have consistently failed to deliver on this long promised redevelopment for a period that now exceeds decades. Yet they will descend on our doorsteps over the coming weeks during the forthcoming election campaign and once again promise us the earth and ask for our vote in return, while at the same time they can’t even give the Dome a lick of paint and repair the hording around it.

Some people say North Tyneside Council could not run a bath, others say they could, provided one consultant turns the taps on and another puts the plug in.

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