Waiting in vain for the buses that don’t come

ONCE again Go NE, who have the audacity to call themselves a bus ‘service’, have left passengers waiting in vain for buses that do not arrive.

In particular, those of us who use the Bandstand stop, because it is us that are left waiting for up to an hour at times without any sign of a No1 or No2 bus.

You may ask yourself why this happens, and I can give the answer that drivers give me when I complain and I have witnessed this on several occasions.

Instead of turning left at the bottom of Marine Avenue to service the Bandstand stop, they turn right, cutting out that stop altogether and head back to North Shields because they are running late and not many passengers get on at that stop anyway.

Returning home on the same buses, I have been turfed out at the shopping mall because the controller had instructed the driver to empty the bus of passengers and proceed along York Road and return to North Shields to make up time.

Loaded with my heavy week’s shopping, I am left to walk the rest of the way home.

Two weeks ago, all passengers had to transfer to another bus in Cullercoats so that the bus we had been on could cut out Whitley Bay altogether and head back to North Shields.

The week before that, the suspension broke on the one I was travelling on, so it crawled into town unable to pick up any more passengers.

The reason for it not turning up on Friday was because it had broken down in Tynemouth, so another bus had to pick up his passengers and take over his route.

I could go on and on giving accounts of the same sort of thing.

It has gone on far too long to be ignored any longer.

Through this disgraceful shambles that is a so-called service, I have missed hospital appointments that I have long waited for, appointments at doctors, dentist, hairdressers, opticians etc., and I think on those grounds appropriate action ought to be taken.

Someone has to be held to account for the cavalier way the public are treated and action taken against them, whoever is responsible.


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