WARDENS: Plenty to occupy them

I was interested to read about the appointment of two environmental wardens to North Tyneside Council's horticulture and parks team and pleased to note that they will be targeting environmental crime and irresponsible dog owners, (News Guardian, December 28).

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 5:30 am

I hope this will include finding and punishing the vandals who have been damaging trees in the Brierdene and along the Waggonway near Whitley Bay High School over the last few weeks.

It would also be good if they could target those runners and cyclists who appear to have no concern for other users of pavements and footpaths and think everyone else should get out of their way.

And if they have any time to spare, could they please identify and fine the dog walkers who pick up after their dogs then hang the (full) bags on trees and bushes, or leave them on the side of the path.

Jane Gould

Whitley Bay