Warning after lives are risked

Visitors to the coast are being reminded to stay safe and not put lives in danger.

The warning comes after three teenage girls risked their lives to wade through the sea over treacherous rocks.

A group of six people were cut off by the tide on Saturday at 1.45pm on rocks known as ‘Bears Back’ between Cullercoats Bay and Tynemouth Long Sands.

The alarm was raised by a retired coxswain at Tynemouth RNLI who spotted the six.

But before Cullercoats RNLI Inshore Lifeboat and members of Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB), three of the group – believed to be teenage girls – waded over 15 metres off rocks back onto the beach and left the area.

The other three – a man, woman, child and two dogs – decided to wait for the lifeboat to arrive.

Now, rescue teams are warning people to not risk their lives and take a chance but to wait for emergency teams to arrive.

TVLB captain Peter Lilley said: “While conditions appeared to be relatively calm, the girls exposed themselves to unnecessary danger by wading back as a strong current can run between the rocks and the land.

“They could have easily been swept off their feet and into a much more perilous situation.

“The brigade recommends that if you do become cut off by the tide that you dial 999 and take advice from the Coastguard.”

The remaining casualties, and the dogs, were quickly rescued by the Lifeboat and then brought back to dry land at Cullercoats Bay.