Warning after motorist is banned for doing a U-turn in Tyne Tunnel

The Tyne Tunnel.
The Tyne Tunnel.

Motorists are being warned not to put lives at risk by performing dangerous manoeuvres in the Tyne Tunnels.

The warning comes after one motorist was given a driving ban after performing a U-turn in the northbound tunnel.

Anthony Nganga, 39, from Humberstone Gate, Leicester, was given a 15-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, disqualified from driving, and ordered to pay £370 in prosecution costs, after pleading guilty to dangerous driving.

The hearing at Leicester Magistrates’ Court heard how Nganga performed the manoeuvre, then attempted to drive the wrong way through the tunnel.

The vehicle was stopped by tunnel officers and the incident reported to Northumbria Police.

Now officials at TT2 Limited, operators of the Tyne Tunnels, have moved to assure careful motorists that drivers putting other road users in danger will be met with zero tolerance.

Stuart Sutton, operations manager at TT2 Limited, said: “Actions such as those of Anthony Nganga put other motorists at risk of injury, or worse, and that is something we cannot and will not tolerate.

“This incident was picked up instantly by our officers, who constantly monitor the full length of both tunnels, and a team was dispatched to stop the vehicle in question.

“We then worked with Northumbria Police to help them to bring their successful prosecution.

“The judgement of the court shows that the seriousness with which TT2 and Northumbria Police take such actions is reflected by the wider legal system and we hope this sends a strong message to motorists about the importance of sensible driving.”

Chief Inspector John Heckles, of Northumbria Police’s Road Safety Unit, said: “We simply will not tolerate dangerous and reckless drivers.”

“We work together with partners to ensure action is taken on those who do cause danger to others on our roads.

“The safety of the public is our priority and this man’s actions seriously jeopardised the safety of other drivers, staff at the Tyne Tunnel and himself.

“Luckily, on this occasion, no one has been injured however this could have been a very different matter.”