Warning to keep property safe at home

Bike owners are being reminded to secure their property following a spate of thefts from sheds and gardens.

Police in North Tyneside have been dealing with increased reports of bikes stolen, mainly around the North Shields area.

Officers are advising residents across the borough to take steps to keep thieves at bay.

North Tyneside Inspector Neil Armsworth said: “There’s been a number of reports over recent weeks of sheds being broken into and property including bikes stolen from inside, as well as bikes stolen after being left unattended in the street, outside shops or in gardens.

“While we continue to carry out operations to target thieves, it’s important residents take crime prevention steps to secure their property.

“Despite the fact it’s winter, people tend to use their bikes all year round and it’s important people are vigilant, particularly with thieves using the cover of darkness to take advantage of insecure property.”

Residents are reminded to make sure they use good quality locks on their sheds or outbuildings and secure their bike to a heavy or immovable object inside the shed.

Cyclists should invest in a good quality D-lock or combination of locks to make it more difficult for thieves – as smaller chain locks can easily be cut through.

They should never leave bikes unattended in gardens, yards, or the street, even if it is for a few seconds.

And they should sign up with free national property register www.immobilise.com, which not only makes it easier for police to return recovered stolen property to the owner, but helps identify thieves who in possession of stolen property.