WASTE: New charges are unfair

It was a great disappointment recently when I went to the recycling point at Howdon, having had a bit of a spring clean and put a few large items in my trailer.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 6:37 am

I am a keen DIYer and gardener and accumulate rubbish from time to time.

I have been going to this tip for many years and find it a great resource to drop off waste unsuitable for the wheelie bins, so when recently I was turned away I was gobsmacked.

My trailer is about 3ft square and I only had a few items to dispose of, yet I was presented with a leaflet to apply for a permit.

I returned home with my waste and read the instructions. Once a permit is granted it allows me to visit a maximum of four times per year, which would suit me, but as I read on non-household waste has to be paid for.

The non-household waste covers all the common items you would go to the tip for and there is a cost of £20, so that’s potentially £80 per year for my four trips.

So where does that put me now? There is no way I am prepared to pay each time just to drop off a few items, and I’m also not prepared to stockpile it to reduce it to one trip.

I do understand that there should be limitations for certain waste as I have seen large vans and trailers taking advantage and possibly work-related waste in the past, but for the general public who just want to drop a few things off I think it’s unfair.

I hear that fly-tipping is a growing concern, but this can only add to this issue.

G Ormston

North Shields