Waste of energy at these traffic lights

As far as I am aware, the primary object of our yellow-line parking restrictions is to ensure the unimpeded flow of traffic; if there is another reason then I am sure someone will enlighten me.

So, that established, the fining of motorists who blatantly ignore these restrictions and consequently hinder the passage of traffic seems a most reasonable approach to enforcing those restrictions.

That also established, I suggest that every occasion where traffic is needlessly constrained by unnecessary and unregulated traffic lights or cones should generate a fine against those responsible.

Without going anywhere near the new lights at West Park, let me point out the impossibility of driving an unrestricted circuit of the Silverlink roundabout at 3am for decades now.

This roundabout functioned perfectly outside of peak hours for many, many years until the arrival of the lights; I could compile an endless list of similar situations, all wasting energy in order to power utterly unnecessary lights and maintain tick-over on cars needlessly waiting at a totally deserted junction.

Yellow-line parking fines are a deterrent, but the misdemeanour produces such a paltry inconvenience to traffic compared with the unregulated use of lights or cones.

On traffic cones: I have suggested to all and sundry, whenever I possibly could, that contractors should be charged a token fee, on a daily basis, for every traffic cone used; I know we would see a dramatic reduction in unneeded lane closures if they did so.

And if all of that doesn’t convince you, can I mention wasted time, wasted fuel costs, increased delivery charges and stress induced road-rage?

It may come as a surprise to those responsible, but they are accountable to the British public.

Don’t ever mention ‘Green’ issues to me until the powers-that-be take stock of such a blatant waste of natural resources and the needless polluting of the environment by unregulated traffic lights and road cones.

Keith Fisher

Preston Grange