Water craft scare off the dolphins

On Saturday afternoon many of us enjoyed the delightful sight of a school six or seven dolphins slowly moving north from the mouth of the Tyne, close to the shore.

Suddenly, when the dolphins reached south Whitley Bay, the watchers and the dolphins were rudely disturbed by loud noises, announcing the arrival of another group – jet-skiers.

They closed in on the dolphins at full speed and the dolphins disappeared.

We just hope none of these delightful animals was injured.

We are used to these machines frightening and endangering human paddlers, swimmers and surfers, and now they have added another offence, alarming dolphins.

I have no doubt that jet-skiing is great fun, but it seems impossible for them to avoid damaging the enjoyment of everyone else and now disturbing a much loved protected species that is all too rare off our coast.

Is it not time to call time on these machines here?

Helen Frankenberg

Whitley Bay