We must preserve valuable NHS service

I agree whole heartedly with the Coun Cath Davis’ comment that we take the NHS and all the support services for granted and we must preserve this valuable organisation.

My mother has been a patient at North Tyneside General Hospital for seven weeks and was on five different wards or departments.

She had excellent care and attention and the family were kept well informed and supported throughout her stay too. Happily, she is now recovering at home with an equally good enabling service to assist her.

In these uncertain times of the NHS future, it would be more useful if the politicians and media could report and highlight good and excellent patient experiences instead of berating and continually headlining the poor practices of some hospitals. I am sure the former outweighs the latter.

So come on everyone who has had a good and excellent experience, put your pen to paper and let’s get some positive headlines in the paper. Only this will help our NHS.

Mrs Kathryn Huntley