We need to be independent of failing European countries

JUST a word on the current EU problems we are having.

I live with a son, but I have instructed when we get our shopping we do not purchase food products or services that originate from anywhere in the EU.

Nor will I purchase goods or services that originate outside of this country.

If we had a decent government it would take us out of this conglomerate of failed nations and we could stay with the original Commonwealth countries and our friends who helped us through two world wars, rather than giving our support to nations who pass laws that take away our rights to be an independent country.

I intend to boycott all goods and services from the EU.

I do not see how support for failing countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland can ever be of benefit to us, so why cause poverty here?

We need to be independent of the European countries and to trade only with those who still respect us for the people we are.

Perhaps our children will stop voting in these politicians who will give their country and their future away.


North Shields