We should have respect for the law

SO it is official, the Newcastle Cycling Campaign is advising cyclists to totally disregard the law and ride on the footpath (News Guardian, letters, May 3).

The fact that he said ‘carefully’ is irrelevant.

We can all go on endlessly about the wrongs of others, eg parking on the footpath is also an offence, but two wrongs don’t make a right and the law states ‘unless it part of a designated cycle path it is an offence for any adult to ride a bicycle on a public footpath, or in any public area from which traffic is prohibited’.

I am by no means a paragon of virtue, and no doubt have in the past committed minor misdemeanours, ‘all be it unwittingly’, but I would never condone anyone who deliberately flouts the law, and I utterly denounce anyone who encourages others to do so.

How can you gain respect when you have no respect for the law.