We support thrust of council’s plans

The self-appointed group in Whitley Bay who are currently receiving publicity as ‘A New Beginning’ in no way represent me or my interests.

I work with a number of people who are actively engaged in seeking to promote our town and we consider that the actions of this group are undermining our efforts to encourage community engagement and investment.

These people are, for the most part, volunteers giving their time and energy for the benefit of the community.

Quite aside from the specific questions of a ‘Coast Council’, the redevelopment of the Central Lower Promenade or the lingering ghost of the Boardwalk, we decry the outright denigration of elected members and officers of the council, and we applaud the current efforts to resolve long-standing issues around derelict premises at the coast.

While we are confident that there will be occasions when some or all of us might have concerns and criticisms of particular actions, we wish to express our support for the general thrust of the Coastal Master Plan, and affirm our keen interest in working with North Tyneside Council, other groups and individuals of good will, and the business community to progress the social and economic regeneration of Whitley Bay.

Gerry Beldon

Whitley Bay