Weather warnings for North East as Spanish storm moves in

Storms are on the way.
Storms are on the way.

There is a risk of heavy rain across the North East on Thursday and Friday.

And the rain ​is likely to be accompanied by thunder and lightning​, with potential torrential downpours.

The ​Met Office are warning the ​public​ to be aware of a significant risk of very localised disruption to travel due to surface water flooding.

An area of low pressure is expected to develop just to the northwest of Spain ​today, heading north across Biscay ​towards the UK.

Up to 30mm of rain is possible in six to 12 hours, with as much as 50mm possible very locally by the end of Thursday. That should mainly affect southern regions but there is a further Met Office warning in place for the whole of Friday, as the area of heavy rain is expected to push across the rest of England during the morning.

The rain is likely to be persistent, and could be accompanied by hail and thunder.

Rain will ease from the west during the evening, probably confined to eastern areas by the end of Friday.