Well versed kids make a big splash with artistic work at exhibition

Pupils from Benton Park Primary School with their artwork as part of the Make A Splash Exhibition for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.
Pupils from Benton Park Primary School with their artwork as part of the Make A Splash Exhibition for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.

Artistic pupils have been making a splash with their work.

Students from Benton Park Primary School, near Longbenton, spent time at the Old Lowlight Heritage Centre, on North Shields Fish Quay, for the Make a Splash art exhibition.

The exhibition had been put together by the Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool to help raise funds for the redevelopment of the lido.

As part of the event, the pupils created a documentary film looking at the pool.

They also produced a range of poems and paintings for the exhibition.

Teacher Mel Eaton said: “We had a huge amount of praise from members of the public for the standard and high quality of their work.”

How times have changed…

I am empty. I am useless. I am nothing.

The memories from long ago

Flow through my mind

From when I was useful, clean and cared for,

From when my heart was filled with laughter;

When there was children everywhere.

But that may never happen again.


Times have changed now,

And I am old, forgotten, abandoned.

I nolonger know

Who I am.

What I am.

Not anymore.

Not anymore.

By Priya, aged 10

The Forgotten Pool

My devastated body recalls the memories

The memories from when I was popular,

When I felt warm and loved

I remember screeching and laughing.

While everyone was splashing

I wish I could bring the days back

But they’re gone.

Gone and will never come back.

Useless, listless and forgotten

This is what I am described as.

I am nothing.

Nothing but an eyesore.

Back in my heyday,

I was famous, loved, the main attraction.

Now I am disgraced and lost.

The rugged rocks embed in my cold heart.

I stand waiting.

Waiting to be brought back to life.

By Joseph, aged 11

The long, lost Lido

Once I stood in my heyday,

Proud, strong and mighty.

My stomach was tickled

By little feet.

The sun beamed down on me

And it was proud of me.

I could hear nothing but

Splashing, screaming and laughter.

I felt loved

And cherished and cared for.

My heart sprayed out love.

Now, sharp, jagged rocks pierce my insides.

I suffer an eternal journey of sadness

Day by day,

Week by week..

Seagulls squawk at me in dismay.

I am called a disgrace,

A rotten waste.

I’ am still searching to find where

I stand in this world.

By Eloise, aged 10

The Lonesome Lido

I used to stand proud,

Now I slump low,

Trying to bury myself

In my thoughts.

My days of joy are long gone.

I used to feel happy

When I felt the pitter patter

Of tiny feet

My stomach

Now I am lucky

If anybody comes

To visit me.

Even if they did,

I would be embarrassed.

Take a look at me,

I am surrounded by litter

And stand bruised

By rocks blanketed in frost.

These days, I hear passers by calling me,

An eyesore, a waste.

I am embarrassed

And stick out like a sore thumb

I feel like a useless, unwanted toy

I am nobody’s treasure

I bring no pleasure.

I wish I could have some hope,

But no…

I am a let down,

A disappointment,

A disgrace.

I cry tears of rust

All day long

I am all alone,


By Eve, aged 10