What happened to proposed stables?

SOME years ago, land owned by NEESCO (North Eastern Electricity Supply Co) in Kings Road South, was originally used as a club and cricket ground and later freely used as a field for horses and anyone else who wished to use it.

The horse field, together with adjacent green land, was acquired by Shepherd Offshore, according to the signs they erected, and used in planned stages for housing development by Bellway.

As a seeming ‘sop’ against strong objections to an application for planning permission to build on the horse field earlier this year, I heard that a lady representing Bellway at an objectors meeting promised stabling for the horses on adjacent green land.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any such thing and Bellway went on to get permission to build more houses on that same green field and nothing more has been heard about the stables.

Can anyone else throw any light on this?

What also bothers me a bit, and perhaps others, is that both of these planning applications seemed to be approved by only one vote, one of which I’m told was the planning chairman’s casting vote because of a tie.

Even more confusing is a rule that planning consent seems to require builders to allow council control of an agreed number of the proposed new houses to ease its homeless problem, for which it is responsible to central government.

I’m assured that planning committee members put this rule out of their minds when discussing applications, and most of them likely do.

But, scraping two green field planning applications through by only one vote each time?

Is it so important to destroy Wallsend’s disappearing green field ‘lungs’ by just one vote while there seems to be unused brown field sites ready for re-development, possibly already owned by developers?