What is the reason for all this fencing in the park?

MY friend and I enjoyed a pleasant walk with our dogs around Richardson Dees Park in Wallsend, not so unusual you might think.

But since the end of March, 95 per cent of the park has been fenced off to enable the council to make alterations to Park House, the bowling greens, bowling pavilion and the bandstand.

Up to now the only thing that has been done at that end of the park is the placing of a few portable buildings for the bowlers.

I have walked my dog in this park twice a day for 17 years and now all we have are two paths, both leading to the same place, or you can go in the gate on Park View and walk straight through and go out the gate on Kings Road.

If there was any work going on we wouldn’t mind, but they are doing nothing.

They have allowed access to the play area for the children but have fenced off the toilets.

Can anyone tell me the reason for all this fencing (which must be costing thousands) or is it just the health and safety brigade gone mad?

To recap on our walk, it was thanks to the vandals who opened up two of the fences that we and several others where able to walk around at our leisure.