Wheelchair users need toilet access at bay

FOR the past four years there has been no safe toilet access available either at beach level or strand level for wheelchair users at Cullercoats Bay, at either the south or north end of the beach.

For example, a year ago the Percy Hedley School had a beach trip and found themselves without a toilet for a wheelchair bound child and the teacher had to ask the owner of Beaches and Cream if they could use his accessible café toilet.

Of course he said yes, but the café toilet is not a public toilet.

How is it that I am told by the regeneration department of North Tyneside Council, nearly a year after the consultation with the community over the coastal scheme, that the promised disabled access toilet is still non existent?

There are obviously problems and yet after four years, why are wheelchair bound people effectively denied a loo provided by our council.

The wonderful children’s playground opposite Beverley Terrace has been built and opened after some consultation. Congratulations to the council on the efficiency.

What we need is the same emergency work for this new accessible toilet, not excuses.

We are now a conservation area and wheelchair users have needs like all of us and effectively cannot use Cullercoats beach in a confident way.

This is a public disgrace and embarrassment for the community here.


and on behalf of Dave Reynolds (owner of Beaches and Cream Cafe)