When are drivers going to learn these are the laws?

After reading so many letters about speeding fines and parking fines from disgruntled drivers with excuses ranging from ‘I was only 1mph over because of a hill’, to ‘I was just posting a letter’, I thought I’d raise the issue most seem to ignore. The driving community as a whole.

When are drivers going to learn that the laws are pretty much black and white.

A 60mph speed limit is a 60mph speed limit, not 61 or 62. Simple as that

Instead of insisting to drive at 60mph you should leave a 2-5mph cushion so that gentle downslope you don’t see but increases your speed, doesn’t catch you out.

That is your responsibility and the police are only doing their jobs when issuing fines.

Restricted parking, parking meters, double yellow lines and the rest are all there to help control traffic and keep our roads flowing at peak times.

Parking in the bus stop to drop someone off or pick someone up, or parking outside the shop on double yellow lines, not only leaves you open to fines it also disrupts traffic.

In fact, the amount of times I’ve been held up because a taxi was dropping someone off in Whitley Bay town centre is too many to mention, and it’s all the more annoying when there is a taxi rank just outside Fitzgeralds pub for that very purpose.

And then people have the cheek to complain about council camera vans out to get them.

If you all follow the rules instead of breaking them then maybe a lot of you would have a lot less to complain about.

And one last thing. Pavements are for pedestrians, not for storing your vehicles on.

I wish the council, or in fact central government, would crack down on this as the damage to the inside’s of the roads, the kerbs and pavements caused by vehicle parkers is huge, not to mention the cost of fixing it.

It’s about time the driving community stopped feeling sorry for themselves and followed the rules like everyone else in society.

Maybe then we’ll have less accidents, less costs because of accidents and careless damage and happier people in general.

Thomas Craven

Whitley Bay