When will park be finished?

WHY on earth does everything in North Tyneside turn into a party political slanging match?

Each looks for ways to blame the other for the problems rather than finding solutions.

After spending a pleasant afternoon in the new seafront park in Beverley Terrace, I wondered why such a lovely new park had been created from scratch when just around the corner our local park has lain unfinished for three years now.

The ‘regeneration’ of Rockcliffe Park, pictured, began in spring 2009.

It was reopened before it was completed and the ‘finishing touches’ have not arrived.

By finishing touches I mean, painting railings, repairing / replacing seating, replacing bins.

Then Northumbrian Water moved in late last year to improve drainage and they moved out and left the park in an even more terrible state.

Several residents and parents of pupils at Rockcliffe First School have expressed their concerns at the dreadful state of the park.

All we want to know is when will the job started three years ago be finished.