Where have all the meat pies gone?

A major and seismic catastrophe to report. There are no more meat pies at Whitley Bay FC home games.

Reasons? Unclear. A fire last year at Tommy’s scran hut at Hillheads failed to stop the supply, but suddenly they are no more.

A meat pie (steak and kidney, Scotch or mince) liberally doused with tomato sauce plus a hot Bovril are essential half-time supports, be the Bay 5-0 up against Jarrow Roofing, grinding out a 0-0 draw against Tow Law, or struggling 0-3 against West Auckland.

This sustenance comes at a fraction of the extortionate fodder available of St.James’ Park, is dispensed with good cheer and to some of us is the sine qua non of every home match.

Bring back our pies please.

My small inner voice tells me we shall never make Wembley again unless the facility of meat pies is restored.

Peter Mortimer