Where is all the development?

Over the last two years there has been various stories written in the local media, including the News Guardian, concerning the redevelopment of the Swan Hunter shipyard site.

North Tyneside Council has released information concerning the fact that it has obtained millions of pounds from a variety of sources to enable the area to be modernised and redeveloped.

The idea being to attract new marine-related and manufacturing businesses to the former shipyard.

Bearing this in mind I visited the area to see what was happening, and the answer seems to be nothing at all.

As far as I can see there is as much empty, undeveloped space and as many derelict buildings as there was two years ago. I would like to ask our local MP, mayor and councillors when we can expect to see the derelict buildings cleared away and the new industry start to move in?

To date all we have had is talk and no action.

Mr P Rivers