Whitley Bay’s not perfect but has a great deal to offer

In response to the letter from unnamed of Cullercoats (News Guardian, October 10), they may be interested in joining the board of the Friends of Brierdene mentioned in the same letters page.

My children and I often frequent the Brierdene area, or pop down to the nearby beach for an ice cream or to do rock pooling.

At other times we go ice skating or bowling. Or we visit the lighthouse; or to the swimming pool; or the craft shop; or for a kick around at Churchill Playing fields; or to the skate park; or cycling along the backtrack to Holywell Dene. And don’t get me started on all the wildlife we encounter.

Whitley Bay is not perfect – redevelopment at the Links is sorely needed to provide more than for just the dog walkers and mini-golf. But there is a great deal on offer, for adults and kids.

Viva Whitley Bay.

Paul Walton

Whitley Bay