Whitley Bay Taekwon-Do students excel in competitions

Reflex Taekwon-Do in Whitley Bay has enjoyed success in national competitions recently, with some students planning to attend the ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup in Hungary in October.

Monday, 16th May 2016, 11:32 am
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 12:36 pm

Taekwon-Do is the Korean Martial Art of Self Defence and is the original and authentic ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) style taught at Reflex.

Competitions attended by some students recently have included the ITF Scottish Championships at Motherwell.

Events included patterns, sparring, special technique (various kicking tests), power/destruction (board breaking).

From Reflex, Joshua Nandy (16-year-old Black Belt), Amy Burgess (14-year-old Black Belt), Alexander Bradwell (ten-year-old red belt), Alex Drape (14-year-old blue belt), Lily Drape (11-year-old blue belt), Amie-Beth Ferrey (14-year-old blue belt, red tag), Amelia Petrie (12-year-old green belt, blue tag), James Wordsworth (yellow belt, green tag), Kayden Cole (green belt) and Alexavier Punay (eight-year-old yellow tag), took part.

The students were successful and medal winners were Amy Burgess, bronze in patterns, bronze in sparring and top three in board breaking; Alex Drape, gold in board breaking, silver in sparring and bronze in patterns; Amie-Beth Ferrey, bronze in sparring; Alexander Bradwell, gold in patterns, gold in sparring and bronze in special technique; Alexavier Punay, silver in patterns; James Wordsworth, bronze in sparring.

For the ITF Irish Championships held at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin, Alexander Bradwell represented Reflex at the event.

The ten-year-old red belt performed well and successfully achieved gold in patterns and sparring.

There were hundreds of competitors at both events, so the students performed extremely well.

Some students have also been selected to represent Reflex at the ITF World Cup in Hungary in October.

Students selected need to be over 12-years-old and blue belt or above and to a high standard in their Taekwon-Do.

Selected include Joshua Nandy, Amy Burgess, Amie-Beth Ferrey, James Wakenshaw, Black Belt, and Alex Drape from Whitley Bay.

Any local businesses willing to assist with the sponsorship of the students attending the event can contact Tracey at Reflex on (0191) 251 9159.

Mr Stronach, 6th Degree ITF Instructor at Reflex, said: “We are absolutely delighted by the attendance and success of our students at the national competitions.

“We are very proud of their hard work and commitment and we wish them the best of luck for their future tournaments. You have done Team Reflex proud.”

Anyone interested in classes at Reflex, which teaches children from four years of age, should contact Tracey on 0191 251 9159 or visit their website at www.reflextkd.com