Why has this work taken nine years?

Following on from the article ‘Residents demand more is done to end misery of flooding’ (News Guardian, November 14).

We would like to thank the newspaper for publishing this article and would like to add a few comments.

Mayor Linda Arkley informed us that the flood alleviation scheme would begin in the spring of 2013, and now the council spokesperson has said spring of 2014.

Forgive us if we are not convinced by this as we have been waiting eight years since the first flood in 2005.

We would like the council to explain why it has taken eight years, or should we say nine years by the time work is proposed to commence?

We understand the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, however, I’m sure you would agree that nine years is excessive and so we can only assume this is due to the council’s lack of interest or poor management.

As we understand, part of the plan includes erecting a sheet pile wall at the end of our gardens, this will provide a non-permeable barrier which would prevent flooding.

Could the council explain why this has not been completed as it does not entail any ‘complex negotiations’, as I am sure every resident would welcome this protection.

Instead we now have a substandard patchwork of plywood nailed to the bottom of our fences by young offenders working off their community service.

Sharon Bradley and Lisa Pullen