Wildlife friendly need not be a mess

I was dismayed to see the letter (News Guardian, July 3) complaining about the length of the grass verges across the borough.

Contrary to your reader, I would like to see the verges left to grow longer and cut only once a year in early autumn.

This would allow wildflowers and grasses to prosper in our verges, in turn providing a vital nectar source for insects and pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

I suspect this is why – as your reader pointed out – the banked areas along the Links at Whitley Bay are already being managed in a manner sympathetic to wildlife.

A verge full of long grasses and wildflowers need not necessarily look unkempt, although I for one would prefer this if it provided an asset for our wildlife.

Readers may be interested to know that the charity Plantlife is currently running a campaign to encourage local councils to adopt a more wildlife friendly approach to roadside verge management (www.plantlife.org.uk/roadvergecampaign).

I would encourage anyone who cares about the wildlife in North Tyneside to take a look, and then urge our council - via our local councillors - to adopt Plantlife’s guidelines to mowing the verges in a wildlife friendly way, as soon as possible.

Surely, if we want North Tyneside to be considered a sustainable, forward-thinking place to live, making our roadside verges a kinder place for wildlife is a simple place to start.

Samuel Fisher

West Monkseaton