Winners and losers in the bus changes

It is excellent news that a bus service has been restored for the people of Marden and Monkseaton to get them to Rake Lane Hospital, and those residents involved should most certainly be thanked by their community for their efforts (News Guardian, February 6).

Unfortunately when changes to bus services are made there are winners and losers, and this improvement has to be seen against the full list of new changes that are currently being planned and advertised by the private bus operators.

Details can be seen on their websites and on the buses themselves, and I urge residents to check them out.

One afternoon last week I met an elderly lady from Forest Hall visiting her husband in Rake Lane Hospital.

A relative had taken time off work to drive her there and she had to get a taxi home because there still is no bus from that part of the borough.

The people of Dudley are also still campaigning for a bus service to the same hospital.

They unwittingly lost their link, service 53, when they campaigned and succeeded in getting a much needed service to the Freeman Hospital restored.

It really is important to have good bus services to local hospitals.

Coun Muriel Green

North Tyneside Council