Work continues to give pool a new lease of life

Tynemouth Outdoor Pool and Lido.
Tynemouth Outdoor Pool and Lido.

Volunteers keen to give an outdoor pool a new lease of life are continuing to work on their plans despite missing out on lottery funding.

The Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool have been spending the last 18 months drawing up plans to transform the once-popular facility back into a thriving attraction.

Officials are keen to turn the site into a heated outdoor swimming pool and last year drew up a comprehensive business plan and feasibility study to North Tyneside Council.

They have received support from engineers, architects, contractors while music legend Sting has also offered his support and funding.

A number of private investors have also shown an interest in the proposals although the costs associated with transforming the site have proved an issue.

A spokesperson for the Friends group said: “What we are doing is the extensive background legwork that will make this development more attractive to investors.

“Our current push is focused on producing a full planning application for the site, together with an extensive document called an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

“In January, we applied for development funding from Heritage Lottery which would have directly funded the EIA and the development of a full design proposal for submission to planning in support of our working business proposal for the site to include a heated pool, a gym, a destination restaurant and a multi use community space.

“Unfortunately, we narrowly missed out. With development funding we can move much faster, without it we have had to rely on our reserves from donations.”

Donations from residents, former pool users and others backing the group have helped pay for numerous reports needed for the development of the site.

The spokesperson added: “The pool really is embedded in people’s childhoods, holidays, families, friends and histories, and we didn’t realise just how much people loved that pool until we started this project.

“With the benefit of hindsight of course, it’s become obvious to see just how woven into people’s memories the pool really is.

“Generous donations and continued support and encouragement have been fantastic.

“It confirms that we all agree the proposal for a heated outdoor pool can work as a business model.

“We agree that the pool can be built. And we agree that it would be a major tourist draw for the region.

“What the project needs is your continued support. Ultimately, we want this momentum to keep growing until the project is unstoppable.”