Work done on time and within budget

As councillor for the Preston Ward, where residents have often asked me why there cannot be an improvement in the facilities at the Tynemouth Crematorium, I was pleased to see it re-opened on February 16 after a £2.7mn investment by North Tyneside Council.

The refurbishment has included an extension to the chapel as well as providing extra improved seating.

The new multimedia equipment facilities will allow families to really personalise the ceremony for their loved ones, which can be a celebration of their lives lived as well of death.

An arched window which was partially removed many years ago has been reinstated and has been loving restored to be in keeping with the rest of the chapel, also the book of remembrance has been placed in a new area which will allow people to view it without disturbing the services.

Contrary to claims otherwise, all of these improvements have been within timescales and under predicted budget, but most of all the facility will now allow people to experience this difficult time in surroundings that are in fitting to the occasion and give them the dignity their deserve.

Coun Cath Davis

North Shields