Work will see a significant increase in the parking spaces

I FEEL the need to respond to Mr Johnson’s letter about car parking space in Grand Parade, Tynemouth (News Guardian, February 23).

Before any decision was made to implement this scheme, there was widespread consultation within the community.

In addition, the mayor hosted a special area forum in Cullercoats.

During these consultations both residents and the police expressed their concerns regarding the width of the road.

They felt this encouraged speeding and racing along this stretch, thus compromising the safety of pedestrians.

The police actively encouraged narrowing the road to two lanes only – the scheme involves doubling the amount of available parking on the Beaconsfield side of the road with the two traffic lanes being on the seaward side.

When the work is completed there will be a significant increase in the number of parking spaces at one of our most popular tourist attractions.

Surely this must be applauded and seen to be of benefit to the local tourism industry.

This stretch of the coast is part of the designated coast and castle cycle route with signage showing dual use of the pavement.

When visiting Tynemouth, Mr Johnson could take advantage of any of over 100 free parking spaces available in TM2.


Tynemouth Ward