Working together to reach sensible library decision

THE News Guardian is our window on what is going on in North Tyneside, and this last week was no exception.

We have the excellent news that Monkseaton Library is staying open, and this has come about with the public and the mayor and her cabinet working together to get a sensible decision for a much- loved community resource in the heart of this large residential area.

It is the ‘Big Society’ working together in these difficult times when North Tyneside Council is looking at all services and resources in the borough to keep costs within budget and make the savings it has to.

Whatever way the readers look at this, whether it is called ‘efficiency’, ‘cut-backs’ or the well worn phase ‘balancing the books’ in these hard economic times so Britain can try to hold it’s head up high and not fall into bad credit ratings as our European partners have, the changes have had to be looked at and hard decisions made.

There is much news on new ways of working and these need to be explored, hopefully saving jobs and creating some new ones but by a different route.

We have to trust the present administration to try its level best for the borough and keep front line services running.

Councils all over the country are doing this and it would be good to see that North Tyneside may be a role model for this.

The disturbing news is that a picture of the Queen, who celebrates her diamond jubilee this year, has disappeared from the council chamber and its reinstatement is causing some anguish.

The agenda item to discuss this important issue, I feel, will be short, and hopefully the Queen’s portrait will hang again in the chamber.

We also read again that councillors are not being kept up to date with changes and ideas.

The readers wonder just what to believe.

However, the residents I talk to feel the present mayor and her cabinet are working ‘flat-out’ and in such a positive manner, that improvements and forward-thinking ideas and schemes are coming on board all the time and Whitley Bay residents are looking forward to seeing the Dome area development getting started so everyone from far and near, who come down to the seaside for all the things it offers, will have a new and exciting resource to enjoy.


Whitley Bay.

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