WORKS: Area was left in a disgraceful state

As an avid reader of the News Guardian, I have always read stories, however never felt the need to write in. Until now.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 1:00 pm

I would like to tell you about a problem that I noticed on my way home from work.

I live within Wellfield West in Monkseaton Estate. Local sewer works have been carried out within the estate, however the area used to store vehicles and tools was on a grass verge, which is the main entrance to the estate.

It has been left pulled up and the grass is ruined. New spring bulbs are coming out and we are left with huge clumps of mud.

This is a disgrace. This area should have been left as it was before the work.

It has not only made the area look not very nice, but is a vital wildlife habitat.

Danielle Walker

West Monkseaton