Worldwide coverage of the rainbow lights

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in staging Global Rainbow by Yvette Mattern at the end of last week.

This was the fantastic laser light installation which was projected from near St Mary’s Island then along the coast, across the Tyne and on to Sunderland, and I believe could actually be seen in Middlesbrough – a distance of some 40 miles away and even in North Yorkshire 59 miles away – an incredible distance.

The artwork had universal appeal and could be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests – from children to adults, from students and artists; and from electricians and people working and experimenting with lasers at our universities.

This was graphically illustrated, as could be seen from watching the hundreds of cars full of families, and the groups of cyclists and pedestrians slowing making their way along the coast and enjoying the spectacular view.

In this time of austerity and the continuing downturn in our economy, it was great to have a project that lifted our spirits in such an exciting way.

It even featured in the Los Angeles Times

So that what has happened in Whitley Bay has gone round the world, which is a great achievement.


Arts Co-ordinator

Tynemouth Station