Yacht runs aground in front of shocked families on beach

Enquiries were carried out into how a yacht ran aground in the middle of the afternoon in Tynemouth.

Rescue teams from Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade(TVLB) and Cullercoats RNLI Inshore lifeboat were called out at 3.30pm on Saturday, April 13, after the 20-foot vessel Korivelia ran aground on the north end of Tynemouth Long Sands.

Crowds gathered on the beach to watch as TVLB members fixed a tow-line to the yacht, which had one person on board, as it was moved into deeper water by the lifeboat.

A thorough examination of the yacht was carried out to see what damage had been caused, with lifeboat crew finding the rudder had been badly damaged and the yacht – which remained watertight – had lost all steering capacity.

The lifeboat towed the stricken vessel to Royal Quays Marina where the owner was hoping to carry out initial repairs and arrange for another tow back to his home berth at Willington Quay.

TVLB captain Peter Lilley said: “While at the Marina, brigade members spoke with the occupant of the boat, who had basic emergency equipment including a lifejacket and a VHF radio, but were unable to establish what exactly had caused the yacht to come aground.”

The following day, TVLB members were called to the south end of Whitley Bay beach after a 22-year-old man had fallen on rocks, suffering hip and leg injuries. He was airlifted to hospital.