Yarn bombers help to bring some Christmas cheer to Tynemouth

Some of the yarn bombing which went up in Tynemouth.
Some of the yarn bombing which went up in Tynemouth.

Residents in Tynemouth were given an early Christmas present after a ‘bombing’ run in the village.

A host of knitted angels were found on the railings outside Tynemouth Priory as well as taking up residence in other places in the village and coastal areas.

The yarn bombing took place in the early hours of December 23, leaving residents to wake up to the surprise, with some finding an angel on their doorstep.

The 2,300 multi-coloured angels are the work of members of the seven Methodist churches in the coastal area around Tynemouth, and organisers said they were a gift to anyone in the community.

Each of the angels had a label bearing a Christmas message, inviting people to take them away to give as a gift to friends or themselves.

Members of the various churches have been enthusiastically knitting since November, and the number of angels has exceeded expectation.

And organisers were delighted at the age range of those who took part, with knitters ranging from young children to older adults.

They were also supported by care homes in the areas whose residents were delighted to join in the knitting project.

Rob Wylie, who has been the driving force behind the project, was delighted with the success of the project and helping spread some Christmas spirit.

He said: “Our hope is to help people think through the traditional message of the Christmas story in a creative and relevant way that captures the imagination.”

As the angel knitting initiative has been embraced so enthusiastically, and is already being shared on Facebook and Twitter, Rob and his team are already discussing ideas for next Christmas.