Youngster suffers a broken leg in collision with a 4x4

Lucia Surtees from Palmersville who was knocked over in North Shields and has fractured her leg.  She is pictured with her mum Pauline.
Lucia Surtees from Palmersville who was knocked over in North Shields and has fractured her leg. She is pictured with her mum Pauline.

A LITTLE girl has spent her half term holiday recovering from a broken leg after a collision with a car at the weekend.

Lucia Surtees was struck by a white 4x4 on Saturday morning in Wallsend Road, North Shields, while walking across a pedestrian crossing.

And instead of enjoying her week’s holiday from Ivy Road Primary School in Forest Hall, she is recovering at home in a wheelchair with two breaks and a fracture in her right leg.

Lucia, who was with her friend Yasmin, also four, and her friend’s mum, Lisa Rutherford, was on her scooter and stepped a couple of feet off the kerb when the lights were on green to cross.

But she was then in collision with the vehicle.

Lisa said: “We were walking along Wallsend Road to come to the traffic lights outside of the Pineapple, I pressed the button and the girls were waiting with their scooters.

“She just walked a couple of feet off the kerb when it was beeping.”

“My first reaction was to pick her up off the floor, because all of a sudden she had just dropped to the floor.

“I realised that her leg was sore as she was screaming, so we took her into the pub and a paramedic came in the car and cut her trousers off and we realised then she had broken her leg.

“She was just screaming constantly, the noise was going through the roof, and then she was worried about her trip to the Rising Sun on the Sunday being cancelled.

“Jasmine was also in complete shock and just would not speak.”

Lisa said Lucia was hysterical at the time.

But since being released from hospital, her mum Pauline, from Palmersville, said she is back to her normal self.

She said: “She had to go in to theatre and has a cast on and is in a wheelchair.

“She is back to her normal self now.

“She is frustrated as she can’t do anything herself and has to be carried most places if she wants to go to the bathroom or anything, but she is doing OK and she is back at the hospital in a few weeks.”

Police are investigating the incident, which happened just after 1pm on Saturday.

A spokesperson said: “The youngster was in Wallsend Road when she was struck by a white 4x4 just after 1pm when it was heading towards Chirton.

“She was taken to the RVI where she received treatment for a broken leg.”

Police added that they have spoken to a number of witnesses, but officers say there are others they need to speak to.

They are appealing for anyone who stopped at the scene and who is yet to come forward to do so at the earliest opportunity, as it is believed they may have information which would help the investigation.

Ms Surtees added: “The police are looking into it, but we would just ask anyone who does have any information to come forward and help them.”

Witnesses are urged to contact police on 101 ext 69191, and ask for the attention of PC 927 Steve Clare, of the roads policing unit based at Etal Lane Police Station.