Youngsters go online with police

SCHOOLCHILDREN are being encouraged to take part in an online meeting with police officers.

Pupils from junior and senior schools are being invited to use the virtual meetings to pose questions to officers and find out how their community is policed.

Officers will also ask the young people what they think about policing.

Inspector John Smith, from Killingworth neighbourhood policing team, said: “This is the first time we’ve involved schools in North Tyneside in online meetings just for pupils.

“We want to encourage young people to get to know their local officers and find out what we do to help them and their families.

“Our officers see schools, pupils and staff as very much part of the community we police and want to continue to build strong relationships with them.

“We think that asking pupils to contact officers online from school will help us do that.”

The meetings will take place on Wednesday, October 19, via the Northumbria Police website for young people, specifically designed for children.

Officers have set up two meetings, one for six to ten-year-olds and a second for 11 to 16-year-olds.

The youngsters will take part via the youth police site ‘Ebeat’, which is aimed at teenagers and ‘My Pod’, which is an interactive portal for children, parents and teachers to learn about policing and what officers do to protect the public.

The website contains fun games and activities aimed at different age-groups with key messages to help inform children about their police officers and the importance of their safety.

Insp Smith added: “We hope to get a good response to our first school on-line meetings and then aim to run them on a regular basis in the future.”

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